This Isn’t Funny;Lady Captured Disturbing Sleeping Baby With Thread For Not Allowing Her To Sleep (VIDEO) - OLAMORE
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This Isn’t Funny;Lady Captured Disturbing Sleeping Baby With Thread For Not Allowing Her To Sleep (VIDEO)



For denying everyone sleep the previous night, a woman took a reactive action against a sleeping baby.

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In a video that has caused a commotion on the net, the woman could be seen using a thread to disrupt the baby’s sleep.

She dragged the thread across the kid’s face while reminding and teasing her about her action the previous night.

As expected, the kid reacted as if trying to fend off the disturbance seeking to disrupt her peaceful sleep.

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The woman however didn’t stop, but kept at it while barking at the kid to wake up as it is not possible for the baby to also enjoy a decent sleep.

The video shared by @gossipmilltv on Instagram stirred mixed reactions from netizens.

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Watch the video below:

Netizens react

@im_sheila00 said: “I Know wetin I fit do shaand this be part of it pinkin wey say mama no go sleep himself no go sleep.”

@poize.ivy said: “Na wa o, the kinda moms this generation go produce nor be here o, me included cause this looks like wat I can do.”

@meztizo_tun said: “My future wife needs to be seeing all this red flags oo. This is the only moment she can sleep anytime any day. Stop fckn with this babies brain. They need to get sound sleeps as much as they can at this stage, im fighting some battle in my head because I didn’t sleep well when im little.”

@mrvalrocks said: “This is not good. Imagine trying your hand as an adult and be doing that to you, you would actually cry for help, now think of her being a baby who couldn’t lift her hands to stop that? This isn’t funny.”

@aeysha.l said: “Yes. When they don’t sleep during the day, let’s see if they’ll not sleep at night.”

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