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Most Insects Nigerians Eat and Some of Their Health Benefits

There are a lot of foods Nigerians consume on a regular basis. Some people don’t even know the benefits of these foods to the body. But we just tend to consume them just because of their taste.

Over the years, most Nigerians have been seen consuming a lot of foods, just a few of these many foods which a lot of Nigerians consume are these 3 insects am going to be talking about.

In this article I will talk about 3 insects eaten by lots of Nigerians and some of health benefits to the body.

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1. Sago Worm or Palm Tree Worm

Palm Tree Worm or Sago Worm has kind of made a name for itself in Nigeria as many people tend to enjoy this amazing insect. Some people who haven’t tasted this insect might really not want to because it is not very appealing but sago worm really has a great taste.

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It has also been proven to have a lot of benefits to the body. Some of which Includes it’s high level of protein, it aids digestion, it adds great taste to our dishes and helps in strengthening the bones and teeth of most people.

2. Winged termites

Winged termites is known by different names in different tribes of Nigeria but it is eaten by almost all tribes. According to studies, it really has a lot of nutritional benefits to the body, some of which includes protein and some vitamins.

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Although more research needs to be made on winged termites to figure out all it’s benefits to humans.

3. Grass hoppers

You might find it kind of surprising but a lot of people eat grass hoppers. Some Nigerians believe that it has an amazing taste. Studies show that it could be rich in protein and some other minerals.

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