Ini Edo Speaks On The Downside Of Fame

Nigerian actress Ini Edo

Veteran Nollywood actress Ini Edo has stated that there are more disadvantages to being famous.

The actress made this known on the latest episode of Lilian Afegbai’s vlog.

The actress argued that although fame truly has its advantages she finds been famous distracting, limiting and more of a disadvantage.

“Fame will open doors for you, there is an exciting and downside part to it. The downside of it is you don’t get to really do what you want to do,” the actress said.

“These days it comes with the fact that some people think they know your life. For somebody like me, I think the world feels [like] they know everything about me.

“I literally grow up in the house of the public. Back in the day, we use to have magazines and newspapers. None of the blogs. And you won’t have time to defend yourself.

Ini Edo also recounted how a media house told her that news about her was profiting even when detrimental to her brand.

“I remember coming out of my house and there was a newspaper stand that literally all the magazines on it had my pictures with all kinds of stories.

“So I remember going to this particular media house to meet one of the publishers. The guy said to me that there are so many celebrities whose pictures we can’t put on our front cover. If we do, we don’t make sales.

“So whether you give us a story or not, we will find a story about you because we need to make sales.”

According to her, fame, has more disadvantages but thinks then everyone has to experience it before they can choose.

“Fame is kind of distracting from the main thing you wanted to do. For me, I find it more limiting so I could say the downside is a bit more than the upside,” she added.

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