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Why I’m Finally Changing My Name – Beyonce Ajomiwe

How confused were you the first time you turned on Nigerian Idol and heard IK Osakioduwa introduce to the stage, Beyonce.

Yup, Nigerians all over the country were very confused. Beyonce was the number one trending topic on Nigerian Twitter for a number of days, and people who didn’t watch the show were just as confused as to why Beyonce was trending especially when the American artiste Beyonce hadn’t done anything trend-worthy at the time of its trending.

As we all eventually came to learn and understand, Beyonce was the first name of Nigerian Idol contestant Beyonce Ajomiwe – one of the most talked about contestants on the season for a number of reasons.

Upon learning that the contestant’s name was Beyonce, people still had many questions – “Why would her parents name her Beyonce?”, “Why didn’t she change the name before going into music?”, etc.

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Well, in a new sit-down chat with TVC, Beyonce Ajomiwe finally answered everybody’s burning questions about her name and its future. This is what she said.

Beyonce Ajomiwe on TVC

Here are the highlights of the chat TVC had with Beyonce:

Your parents actually named you Beyonce?


Is your mother part of the Bey-hive? Does she really like Beyonce?

She’s not part of the Bey-hive but she likes Beyonce. It was actually my dad that named me. It’s not like they gave me the name because of Beyonce, but because they liked the meaning of the name.

What does Beyonce mean?

From my dad’s explanation, it means someone so beautiful words can’t explain. Someone beyond-say.

Why stick with that name when there’s someone very popular already answering that name?

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As I move forward, I’m going to have to change my name. Because there can’t be two Michael Jacksons, there can’t be two Beyonces. It would just be very confusing. I used that name on Nigerian Idol because first of all I didn’t have any other name, I didn’t even know Nigerian Idol would pick me, so I didn’t think of anything.

Have you settled on a new stage name?

I definitely want to keep Ajomiwe in my name. I also want something that has the same melody as Beyonce. Because if I change my name completely after people have known me from Nigerian Idol, it would be too dramatic. So I’m still working on something that’s different but not entirely.

Hmm. So she’s finally changing the name. I don’t know, I think that everybody has already adjusted to her as Nigeria’s own Beyonce. The novelty and the shock of it has run out so people are for the most part okay with her name being Beyonce. I don’t really see the point of doing it now – maybe if she had done it in the middle of the show, okay, but now I don’t think it’s necessary.

What do YOU think? Do you think Beyonce should have kept on going as Beyonce Ajomiwe or do you think it’s good that she’s decided to change her name?

Let me know your opinion in the poll below and if you want to expatiate, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on my Facebook post.

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