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Grandma Weeps As Oyo Policemen Allegedly Snatched N150, 000 House Rent From Grandson

A mother, Taiwo Ogunade, has expressed her displeasure with several persons she believes to be police officers assigned to the Oyo State Police Command for stealing money and a phone from her grandson.

Ogunade was in tears as she shared her story with us.

According to her, ” I don’ t like anything that will cause my blood pressure to raise. ” I i’ m fed up with them, and I’ m confident that God will punish them. ”

She was unable to finish the talk because her voice was drowned out by a torrent of tears.

His grandmother’ s grandson, Jesugbemi, stated that the incident occurred in the Apata region as he was on his way to the bank to deposit the money.

The 20- year- old stated that a group of police officers, led by one Badru Samson, stopped the biker who was transporting him to the bank and forced him to get off the motorcycle.

The musician stated that the police officers continuously slapped him and, while doing so, dubbed him a fraudster in the process.


He stated that the incident occurred on Wednesday in a video clip that he posted on his Instagram page, @official babyjez. Jesugbemi said the incident occurred on Wednesday and that he had recorded it.

” Grandma’ s house rent was due, so she went to the Apata neighborhood to collect money from someone to join [add to] what she already had set aside for the rent, ” he explained. Having collected the funds, she phoned me to meet her in Apata, where she handed me the sum of N150, 000, which I was to pay into the account of our landlord.

” I got on a motorcycle and was on my way to the bank when a black automobile with no number plate came up behind me and ordered me to get off. I didn’ t want to get off. ”

When I stepped out of the car, I spotted four police officers, one of whom smacked and kicked me in the face. He even punched me in the head with his rifle and referred to me as a ” Yahoo boy. ”


” The police officers demanded my phone and instructed me to unlock it; nevertheless, they did not discover anything [incriminating] after thoroughly inspecting it.

They wanted to search me, but I stopped them because police officers had previously searched one of my buddies and had placed hard drugs in his pocket as a result of their search. So I voluntarily took my pockets out, and they were surprised to see the N150, 000. ”

He asserted that the police officers drove him from the Apata neighborhood to Iwo Road, where he was dropped off after he had been deprived of his possessions, including his money.


I explained that it was for my grandmother and that I was in the process of paying her house rent when they inquired about who owned it. The police officers claimed that I was lying. One of them kicked my stomach and snatched it away from me with great force.

” They instructed me to format my phone, and they took it; they put me in the car and drove me from Apata to under the bridge on Iwo Road, where they dropped me there, ” I said.


” I had to beg them to give me my SIM card, and they finally did. They also took the additional N2, 000 with them, and I had to walk the distance from Iwo Road to our home in Dugbe, ” Jesugbemi continued.

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