How Governor Went To Spend Some Nights In Communities After Terrorists Sent Them Threat Letters

The insecurity in Nigeria has been on the rise especially in this recent time despite efforts by security agents to combat it.

The reality is that some states and communities are affected more than others. Ahead of Christmas, there were some communities in some Northern States that are faced with the fear of the unknown amid rising attacks from terrorists. Among them are communities in Adamawa State in the North East part of of Nigeria. To be specific, things are so serious and precarious that some of those communities received threat letters of impending attacks from ISWAP terrorists. According to a report by Sahara, some of the communities include: Bazza in Michika LGA, Hembla in Madagali LGA among others.

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The Governor spends nights in the affected communities

Amid the fear of impending attacks by the ISWAP insurgents, Governor Ahmadu Fintiri decided to take the bull by the horn. He went to the affected communities to spend nights living among his people. The report cited above explained how the Governor has spent three nights so far in the affected communities.

One of the major reasons he visited the affected communities was to instill confidence in the residents. Before his coming, some residents were planning to flee the communities to evade the likely attacks by the terrorists. Some people had moved their families to Yola (Adamawa State Capital) where they plan to celebrate Christmas. However, the fact that the Governor decided to spend some nights living among the people made some of them to change their minds to stay back.

Again, the presence of the Governor in the troubled communities will do more to help in fighting the insecurity in the area. Apart from boosting the confidence of the residents, it will make the Governor to feel the pulse of the residents and get first hand information from the residents about the mode of operations of the terrorists. All these will help the Governor to know how best to assist the security agents to decisively combat the terrorists.

Ahead of the Governor’s visit to Hembla, troops who were deployed there killed five terrorists. This also means that the presence of the Governor will help to boost security presence and surveillance in the affected areas. This will make the terrorists to know that there is a serious fire on the mountain.

If other Governors and President Muhammadu Buhari will adopt this approach, then things will definitely get better with regards to combating terrorists and other criminal elements terrorizing some communities in some troubled states in Nigeria. There have been renewed calls for Buhari to visit Kaduna, Sokoto, Katsina and some other states in the North where bandits and insurgents have intensified killings. That call has not been heeded and the situation has not improved since then. It is expected that the federal government and the various Governors in the state affected by insecurity will change their strategies and get more involved by getting closer to their people in the affected communities. This is because doing so can make things better.

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