GOODBYE TO NNAMDI KANU As Southern Govs Sends Big Warning To IPOB, SEE What They Did To IPOB Leader - OLAMORE
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GOODBYE TO NNAMDI KANU As Southern Govs Sends Big Warning To IPOB, SEE What They Did To IPOB Leader

Nnamdi Kanu has continued to suffer different setbacks as many southeast governors seem to have forgotten about him.

IPOB on the other hand has always done things in the interest of Nnamdi Kanu with the hope that the Nigerian government would eventually release him.

IPOB believes that the adoption of the sit- at- home order in southeast Nigeria would force the Nigerian government to release Nnamdi Kanu after the residents of the community must have cried out to the president for help.

While IPOB may not come out to protest in the open, the group has remained in the door to make the people suffer and cry out to the Nigerian government to release Nnamdi Kanu.

Until Nnamdi Kanu is released by the Nigerian government, IPOB may continue to issue different orders to the residents of the southeast region which the people have no option than to obey.

Meanwhile, while IPOB might have introduced the sit- at- home order for a hidden purpose, the Nigerian government has refused to make any statement about the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu. The IPOB leader has remained in the facility of the government since he was rearrested by the government after he fled Nigeria in 2017.

Due to the uncomfortable activities of IPOB, southeast leaders, in a recent meeting stated that the IPOB must stop putting the lives of the people in danger and all forms of sit- at- home order must be stopped immediately.

On Tuesday, southeast governors, in a meeting in one of the communities in the region stated that the IPOB has done very serious damages to the development of the southeast and the group must be stopped by all means before the projects of the state governments are destroyed by IPOB.

While speaking about the activities of the IPOB in southeast Nigeria, the chairman of the southeast governors in the person of David Umahi said that ” IPOB must be stopped now. This is the right time to stop the group before it is too late. “

” IPOB has done enough and the economy of the southeast has been affected in every way. “

” We would not sit down and watch the people damage our region when their sponsors are somewhere enjoying and giving different orders to the people. “

” The youths are being killed every day and they are being used by the evil- minded people who remained abroad but they have continued to do damages in Nigeria by giving evil orders to the group. “

” We must work with security agencies to stop this nonsense. We must protect our region from everything we have before it is too late. “

Despite the big statement and warning of the southeast governors, nothing was said about the leaders of the group, Nnamdi Kanu

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