My Goal Is To Make Young Women Financially Independent

Born in 1988, to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sitkukka of Ngas ethnic stuck in Kanke local government area in Plateau State, Kitmwa Sitkukka , has a degree and a Master in Economics from the famous University of Jos. She did her one year mandatory Youth Service (NYSC) in Lagos State. In her quest to be financially independent, Sitkukka learnt the art of beautifying women and manages her career with passion, yet always makes time for relatives and friends . She is currently the CEO, Awtik Beautifiers Training Centre, in Jos. Her passion is to impact young girls with the needed skills to be self sufficient and financially independent , as a way of tackling poverty in the society.


I was born in 1988  in Jos South local government area in Plateau State. I am of Ngas extraction, my parents , Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sitkukka are both business owners in Jos. Bent on following their footstep, I established Awtik Beautifiers Centre where I train girls  to be self sufficient and financially independent , hence, liberating them from the shackles of poverty. In fact, my Centre, Awtik Beautifiers , is one of the best in Jos  town with the state of art equipment for hair making, make -up, nails fixing , footcare and many others.


I obtained my primary education from Betel private school, Jos, thereafter, I proceeded to COCIN Secondary School, Dadin Kowa , Jos.

Thereafter, I proceeded  to the University of Jos, where I obtained Bsc in Economics, my choice was based on my interest in business. I also grabbed  Master Degree in Economics from the same University last year.


It all started back then in the University of Jos where I developed myself to be financially different from my peers. I learnt  trade that enabled me became an entrepreneur today and have this,  trained and employed others. All thanks to the one year mandatory NYSC programme initiative of the federal government through which I went a step further to develop my skills in the area of beauty and skin care.

It’s important to mention that  my journey started way back  from school because with my sister,  raised money for our personal effects . So when I returned from service, I got a grant, and opened Awtik beautifiers centre and here we are today.


So far, I have trained  300 girls who are self sufficient and financially independent to take care of themselves and their siblings. These  girls are contributing to the growth and development of their immediate communities as well as the state IGR through the taxes they pay.


Getting the  people of like minds to work with me.  My reasons are that  setting good aspirations and visions without the input of  people to support the vision would amount to failure. Getting the right people to support and help you grow to an enviable height is mostly the challenge . The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic added to the slow pace of business too.


I have two mentors, my sister who taught me discipline in business,  and Tara Fela-Durotoye, who is also into beauty business. I learnt a lot from her. She’s my major inspiration.  Although my sister and my parents have been strong pillars of support in my walk to self actualisation,   on my part, I attended  quite a numbers of trainings. I did training on Astra and I here in Astra and in Jos as well to acquire the techniques that stands me out today.


My background drives me to strive to engender peace, wealth , and progress in the society and humanity.

I am the fourth child  in a family of 10 children borne by very poor parents.  We were so poor that we couldn’t even afford clean water for drinking. It was so bad that we had to source for unclean and unsafe water which we used to boil before we could drink. So I just wanted to change the narrative. To achieve my dream  of changing my family’s identity, and bettering the lives of other poor families remains my inspiration


I have three major fears. One has to do with failure.  Then I also struggle with the fear of losing my parents before making it in life, hence, motivation to being financially independent. I also fear for those girls out there doing nothing except prostitution.


I am always on top of my job. I always upgrade myself and make sure to apply current technique and global best practices to help  me stay  afloat in the competitive  market. My clients’ satisfaction is my utmost priority.

I am continuously to work better in my field. I want to have branches and organise frequent trainings for girls who are willing to impact on the society . I have full faith in God and anything I become is because he is with me. However, we all have our goals in life and we pray to God to make life easy for us and around us.



I really don’t have any regret  because I grew up in a Loving family, surrounded by loved ones. I am grateful  to God and them. So, in a nutshell I have no regrets. My business has boosted standard of my living .


Like I said earlier, I strive to grow and expand to the nooks and crannies of this country to motivate young ladies to be completely financially independent.

Yes, I want to open branches in Abuja and other States because my business is open to all category of people. So we don’t look at how influential  you are. We are always available to serve everyone in the society.


My advice to the girl child is for them to get something doing so that they can be self sufficient and be independent.  Marriage will  come at the right time. They should not just be idle and be hoping that a man will come and solve their financial troubles and whatever.

Prostitution isn’t the way out but hardwork. They should stand up for themselves . Women should be able to pursue their careers with regards to education and business .

Anyone discouraging women from being independent , does not want their progress because when when you empower one woman , you have empowered a nation which is a popular saying. While it’s important for a woman to be broad minded and be well educated, in the absence of support , as goal getters , we should build ourselves, grow and be financially independent  to avoid  disrespect, harassment and all of that.


I don’t want any loan but if I can get grant fine. Or if the government can sponsor young girls to be trained and then support them with grants, that will be a good development. I have over 50 girls that I have trained that are doing very well now. I monitor what they are doing on social media. So people came all the way from Adamawa, Kaduna to be trained here in Jos on monthly basis.  In the make up session alone,  we have large trainees.

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