A girl who secretly loves you will do the following five things. - OLAMORE
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A girl who secretly loves you will do the following five things.



In order to avoid being perceived as cheap, needy, or lacking in self-worth by a man, most ladies and girls keep their genuine feelings hidden from everyone, including the men they love. Women that secretly adore you do a lot of these things, especially while they’re around you.

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Because of the way society is built, these girls are not to blame for acting on their impulses initially, which could lead to them being used and dumped. You can determine if a person truly loves you by looking at their eyes and listening to their body language.

A woman’s body language and the small gestures she does for you are two ways she lets a man know she cares about him. Here are some of the subtle cues she uses to make that point clear.


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In the eyes of a lady who secretly likes you, who you’re speaking with, who you call, and who’s calling or chatting with you will always be of interest to her.

In order for them to explore for themselves, simply hold your phone in your hand. They will only do this because they love you and don’t want to lose you.

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You may expect to be asked a lot of follow-up questions about your recent activities, as well as your plans for the future.

In this case, it’s not envy that’s driving them to do this; rather, their love and emotions are taking control of their actions.


When they are with you, they want to lie down on top of you, ignoring the fact that they are heavy and it is painful.

As a token of their affection, they’ll leave the beautiful foam and make you a bed in their home.


Because they love you so much, they’ll always want to spend every day with you. In spite of the fact that you both have to go to work, they desire that they could spend the rest of their life with you.

Forgive them; it’s the love effect, and I can assure you they absolutely like having the opportunity to interact with you.


When you eat their food, they get a kick out of watching you enjoy it. All they care about is that you exclusively eat their food; they don’t want you to dine anywhere.

In their view, it will demonstrate their genuine concern for your well-being and their desire for you to feel the same way about them.

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