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General Advice For Men & Women On How To Prevent Infertility

Infertility is a situation whereby a couple attempts to get pregnant but find it difficult to achieve for over a year. If the both parties especially the woman is below 35, she can wait for a year before getting to see a doctor for diagnosis but if a woman is over 35, she should go for fertility checkup after 6 months of trials without being able to conceive.

In this article, we are going to have look at some of the tips necessary for both men and women concerning how to prevent infertility. This is because, there are certain wrong lifestyle habits that can cause infertility and many of the cases of infertility are due to issues with either the man’s reproductive system or the woman’s. Just sit tight and learn something new while enjoying yourself.

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1. Don’t Smoke, Drink or Misuse hard drugs; this is actually one of the basic tips both men and women should have in mind before attempting to have a baby. Smoking or excessive intake of alcohol in most cases affects the process of reproduction negatively both in men and women, so the best thing you can do for yourself is cut down on smoking and intake of alcohol. If possible stop completely as that will raise your chances of conception drastically.

2. Get Treated For STDs; the first thing you should know is never indulge in unprotected intimacy with someone you are unsure of his or her health status. Secondly, certain STDs can affect fertility and even prevent fertility completely until they are treated, some of them include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, trichomoniasis etc. So for your own good, don’t make your body, the home of STDs, get treated as early as possible if you are suffering from any STD.

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2. Eat A Balanced Diet And Maintain A Healthy Weight; this is another highly important tip you should take seriously. Reason being that what we eat goes a long way in affecting the way and manner the body performs in terms of reproduction. So you should endeavour to eat healthy foods with lots and lots of fruits especially carrots, cucumber, watermelon and also endeavour to maintain a healthy weight.

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4. Stay Physically Active But Don’t Overdo the Exercise; this is another highly important tip every one should take seriously because it applied for both men and women. Being physically active can boost testosterone levels and also a man’s sperm health. While in women, being physically active can also boost fertility rate but overdoing the exercise may affect your hormone production and cause fertility issues in women.

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