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Ganduje Betrays Northern Governors As He Sends Heartfelt Message To Southern Governors

A lot of incidents have happened in Nigeria in the past month which may be linked to the struggle for presidential tickets in 2023. Several politicians have made a lot of statements regarding the right region or zone that should produce the next president of Nigeria. While this may be a suggestion, a lot of leaders in the country are yet to agree on the right zine to produce the president of Nigeria in 2023.

In the middle of this is the struggle of party dominance between APC and PDP. PDP had said a lot of things about APC in the past years, PDP alleged that APC rigged its way into power in 2015 and 2019 but the party stated that such an incident would not be allowed to happen in 2023.


Unfortunately, the regions in the country have continued to challenge themselves over the right to the presidential seat. Southern Governors had claimed that the region would surely produce the next president of Nigeria.

Southern Governors alleged that the north has ruled for many years and therefore, it should be the turn of the south to rule in 2023. Unless a southern president is produced in 2023, southern governors said that there may not be peace for anyone because the north would not be allowed to produce another northern candidate.


At the same time, the northern governors have claimed that the region would remain in power for as long as they can. The north alleged that the South does not have the power or right to dictate how power is to be shared in the country and due to that, the north would contest again for the position of the president in 2023.

According to Daily Post, the governor of Kano State in his independence speech has said that it is unfortunate that despite the incident in the country, the people are still battling and talking about who will lead the country in 2023. Even though 2023 is still very far away, he said it is unfortunate that the governors who are meant to protect and provide for the people have gotten themselves involved in regional politics.


He said ” As Nigeria celebrates another independence, we need to look for ways to bring ourselves together and promote the interest of the people. The will of the people must be put first before the interest of members of tej public. It is so sad that we chose to talk about other issues in the country even though we have a more sensitive issue in place. ”


” It is said that governors in the state have gotten themselves involved in partisan politics rather than a political activity that would be for the general public. We need to put our interests aside and work for the betterment of Nigeria. “

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