Former Factory Worker Shows Off His New Look 5 Months After Traveling Abroad

A young man identified as Chukwuka Dibia has taken to social media to show off his transformation few months after leaving the shores of Nigeria.

The man worked at a factory before traveling abroad and he shared photos showing his before vs after moments.


In the first photo, Chukwuka wore a factory uniform, and was inside an industrial warehouse , as disclosed that that was him during his first 25 years in Nigeria.

The other image he posted was snapped five months after arriving in his host country, where he dressed in black jacket, jean trousers and a head warmer.

He captioned; ”25 years in Nigeria vs 5 Months outside Nigeria”

See his post:

Interestingly, his post generated mixed reactions as not everyone was wishing to join him overseas.

@oga_pharmacist; This is bs shaa. You put a picture of when you were hustling in the factory against when you had dressed up and chilling, why not similar pictures of when you were chilling in Nigeria, there will be difference, but compare similarly.

Nigeria bad, but make we take am easy.

@beingUllah; Diaspora Nig are the most condescending group of Nig you can ever meet.

They paint an illusionary & utopian picture of everywhere outside Nig.

It’s can’t be possible that in all your 25yrs in Nig you were always working in a factory.

Life can be lived anywhere.

@OoJson; Dont be fooled by those clothes. These Nigerians work multiple jobs and live in small apartment to survive here unless the whole family work. And still get food that’s shipped from out of the country

@ada_kodi; Lol…congratulations. But there are guys who look like the second picture and way better and they are in Nigeria.

@adesoladewumi1; The first picture is what you looked like everyday for 25 years?

I know this is a joke but we need to stop putting the country in a bad light. Japa Japa, no be everybody go Japa las..las o.

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