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As Foreign Terrorists Allegedly Plan To Attack Abuja, Nigerian Security Agents Should Be Vigilant

Recently, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) revealed that some foreign terrorists were allegedly planning to attack the federal capital territory, Abuja. The planned attack which was to happen between December 17 and 31, 2021, was purportedly being led by one DRAHMANE, OULD ALI, aka Mohammed Ould Sidat, an Algerian national to be assisted by one Zahid Aminon, a Nigerien national.

Nigerian Security Agents Should Be More Vigilant

Whether this red alert from the NIS is real or not, there is a need for our security men to be more vigilant, especially within the period specified for the alleged attack.

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It should be known that Abuja, being the capital city, is just like the heartbeat of Nigeria, hence everything possible should always be done to protect it from the plans of our enemies.

1. Our security men especially those at borders should intensify efforts and put up necessary measures to ensure that no criminal gains access to the country.

Just as the NIS’ leaked memo revealed that the foreign terrorists are planning to enter Nigeria from Mali through the Niger Republic. So, more efforts should be made to put those entry and exit points into serious check.

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2. Our security men should be more vigilant to track down the movement of the collaborators of the foreign terrorists in Nigeria.

It may be very difficult for foreigners to gain access to Nigeria without inside collaborators, this means that the foreign terrorists in question must have some accomplices here in Nigeria. Even the NIS’ leaked memo revealed that there are about four accomplices who are already in Nigeria, of which one of them, Zahid Aminon is even a Nigerian.

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So since some accomplices are already in Nigeria as alleged, the security agents should make efforts to track and arrest all of them.

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