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Dear Ladies, If Your Boyfriend Belongs To Any Of This Group, Do Not Bother Marrying Him

One must be extra careful when choosing a life partner, especially for the females. Men tend to experience a lot of women in their lifetime, but women rarely get that opportunity before eventually getting married. That is why they need to be extra careful when picking a husband. However, if you are already dating and you see a potential husband in your boyfriend, it is important to look out for these signs which could be detrimental to your future marriage.

1. Men who raise their hands towards their woman

You must have heard your female friend say that “if he has ever raised his hands at you, he will do it again and again. Leave him!”. And that is just the truth. Any man who raises his hand at a woman, or beats up his girlfriend will continue to do it because he has a beast in him. Ladies, once you understand that something that a guy tries for the first time, he will continue to try, then you will run away from men who do as little as raise their arm in front of a woman. If your boyfriend has ever given you a slap, beaten you up and later came forward to apologise, forget about that apology, engagement ring, or marriage that you are anticipating in your mind, and run for your dear life, because he will do it again and you may not be able to survive it.

2. Men who behave rude to everyone but you

A man who knows no respect to anyone except for you and his parents is a rude and disrespectful man. It is no big deal for him to behave nicely to you. That is because you are his girlfriend. But if he behaves rudely to every other person, young, old, colleagues, or workers, that is not a husband material, you know why? Because he will eventually get to you. The disrespect will reach you and you may not love it as his wife. Especially if he disrespects you in public.

3. Men who do not know how to put their girlfriends on

A man that is always giving you money and whatever you ask for, but will never share with you the secret of his success is no husband material. You will never understand the meaning of “teach me how to fish” till you become a wife. For how long will you continue to ask for money? At some point you will want to fish for yourself, and if your boyfriend cannot manage to put you on, then he should not be considered for marriage.

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