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Dear Ladies, 3 Categories Of Men You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time Dating

Eventually, every lady would graduate from “oh my gosh is he cute” to “is the man enough?”. Because some by then they would give some expectations that need to be met but any mam they are to be involved with.

The thing is, sometimes dating can feel like going in circles of annoying and awful dates that sometimes would end even before it begins. A lot of irritating guys now masquerade as Prince Charmings and make ladies develop strong connections with them, only for the flame to go out eventually, leaving the lady to sit home all day, eating her heart out.

Dating will teach experiences that no amount of intellect, drive or talent, can protect you from. If you think that you know all there is to know about men and their characters, then think again.

  • The “Sorry, I slept off” guy

Probably the biggest red flag Women need to look out for. For example. You met a guy and you guys have been talking well until things took another turn. You both made frequent calls, and had frequent conversations buy now its frequent excuses, even the most common, “Sorry, I slept off.” You have to understand that he’s just not the one for you. If someone is truly interested in you, they’ll make the time. I get that we all obligations, mostly eight to seven hours workdays, then gym sessions. You can’t show up to your job late and tell them, “Sorry, I fell asleep,” there would be consequences. And you could even get fired.

  • Stingy guys

They are usually the cutest, but these are stingy guys who whine at the bill. Some could even have marked the date spendings in their Excel sheet. They could even go to the very extent of taking you out on a date, and when the bill arrives, they would give you a look that makes you feel anxious and forced to contribute to the bill. The truth is; it’s not always about money and spendings, because people have different financial situations. But it’s easier to feel more comfortable talking to a man who is not stingy and is willing to put effort into the outings, from the restaurant even down to his outfit.

  • The one that texts, “Hey there, big head.”

Is that supposed to be a compliment? Imagine posting a nice photo on your Facebook, only to see a side-eye emoji come up in your DM by your boyfriend? Thank You, have been a victim of the famous “Hey there, big head” reply. This reply could mean many things. It could mean “Hello Stranger,” “you aren’t looking bad. Let’s hook up, I miss you”. These kinds of catchphrases are basically youth nonsense, that guys usually use when trying to reignite an old flame or maybe he’s just horny. There’s no way he’s interested in what you’ve been up to. He doesn’t miss you either, rather, he probably misses your body, and sending the “Hey, big head” kind of message is the stepping stone of his plan to finish up his abandoned project.

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