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Couples Who Live Happily Share Some Common Daily Habits



But as any relationship expert can tell you, love alone isn’t enough to keep a couple happy, especially when we face the ups and downs of life. People who manage to live happily together share some common daily habits.

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5 Things Happy Couples Do Every Day:TAP TO READ ORIGINAL

1. They start their mornings together It’s common knowledge: how you start your morning affects yourwhole day. Therefore, you should be aware that it also has an influence on your relationship. Instead of pacing around the house like two robots in need of fuel, in this case coffee, you should get up a little earlier so you have time for the two of you. You can drink coffee together, discuss plans for the day or have breakfast before the hustle and bustle of a normal day begins.

2. They talk to each other throughout the day Communication is very effective to have a happy relationship. Simple gestures, like a text sent at lunchtime asking if he’s having a good day or a phone call in the evening on the way home, are what bring home the fact that you’re a team. Keeping in touch even when there’s nothing urgent to say strengthens your relationship and makes you feel closer.

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3. Physical contact is particularly important to them All happy couples have something in common: it’s physical contact. Touching, even the simple act of leaning on each other when lying on the couch or holding hands when walking down the street, is particularly important for maintaining an emotional connection with your partner. Hugging and kissing should not be missing from a couple’s everyday life.

4. Spend weekends together Time off gives you the opportunity to connect and remember what made you fall in love in the first place. You can go on a short road trip and listen to music like you did as a teenager. Or you can simply sit together and each do what you love most. Whatever your favorite activities are, that means turning down any obligations, plans or dates for the weekend, especially if you don’t want to participate.

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5. Have a bedtime routine No matter how busy your day has been, you always have those relaxing minutes before bed when you wash your make-up, set your alarm and go to bed. Happy couples take advantage of this brief respite to relax together, whether it’s discussing the day’s events, cuddling or reading.

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