Concerned Party Member Warns Dancing Senator,Reconcile With Babayemi Or You Regret It

Concerned Party Member Warns Dancing Senator,Reconcile With Babayemi Or You Regret It

First of all, we give glory to Almighty God for the success of our great Party in the just concluded Gubernatorial election in our dear state and my appreciation also goes to the main players of the game, I mean those who have contributed much effort and put in their resources into the actualisation of this dream.
As an adage says; “If two brothers go inside and come out with smiles on their faces, it is certain that they haven’t tell the truth to themselves”
Personally, I will always say the truth because my survival does not depend on anyone in the Party nor PDP victory.

Before I hit the nail on the head, I will like to made it clear that the victory of July 16th is not an individual victory but PDP as a whole, let me state candidly that you’re only opportune to be our flag bearer as at the time the election was conducted and as we all know, the election is not won based on individual popularity but for the fact that the constituents are already tired of the APC led administration which means even if you’re not the one who represented the Party on July 16th, PDP will still coast amazingly to victory…CONTINUE READING

I know you knew how your counterpart in the primary election worked tirelessly before, during and after the general election the same way you also worked for our Party’s victory, so it will now be bias to claim that the victory in which every Party members contributed to, if I am not mistaken, there was one Party faithful who died as a result of the election. Now, it would be ungrateful and show of “ones true character” to claim or feel as if the victory belongs to you alone or as a result of your power.

As we all know, the issue of “primary election court case” have been in existence immediately after both primaries were conducted, during the election it was in existence and I don’t expect it to stop after the election since you have told your brother directly and indirectly right from time that there is nothing on the table to negotiate on as your camp have already shared everything.

Permit me to say that, online propaganda flying from your major supporters in order to put pressure on the Dotun Babayemi’s camp so as to hault the litigation without you swing into action will not help the matter on ground.

Many times, Omooba Dotun Babayemi has make moves in order to stop the furtherance of the ongoing litigation but yourself and some other leaders in Adeleke Dynasty camp have not made it to come into reality due to what I called “take it all syndrome” which is caused as a result of greediness.

As an adage says, “You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Sir, how do you expect someone with many followers to work for the success of the Party, put in all his efforts and energy into a cause, deploy his resources and after the election, you shunned him immediately as if he’s a nobody in order to get all the praises and gains, it doesn’t work like that sir.

I personally have advised Omooba Dotun Babayemi to proceed in the ongoing litigation for two reasons and I hope he listens to my humble advice as many people have advised him as well in the best interest of the Party members who worked tirelessly for July 16th victory.

1) Your camp have shown the attitude right from time that they’re not ready to come into negotiations with him, so if he hault the litigation, thousands of his supporters throughout the state have nothing to gain in the victory they were part of.

2) If he proceeds in the ongoing litigation, there is a big chance for him to win the case as we’ve seen many cases where someone who lost in High and Appeal Court later won in Supreme Court as it happened during Amaechi and Omehia in 2007/2008 when Supreme court gave judgement in favour of Amaechi and pronounced him as the authentic candidate of the Gubernatorial election that had already been conducted and was ordered to be sworn in immediately. So it is better for Omooba Dotun Babayemi to try his luck in Apex court after all, if he hault the litigation, his thousands of followers have nothing to gain from the July 16th victory as your camp have claimed everything.

So, whether the APC will now make use of the opportunity at the Apex Court to truncate the whole victory of July 16th which you’ve tagged as your personal victory, that is none of my own problem.

If Dotun listens to our advice and go to Apex Court, he goes with the aim to claim his own mandate from you and not to truncate the victory of the Party that he was part of, but if the ruling Party decided to make use of the opportunity to truncate the whole process, it is your own fault sir because you’re not ready to listen to his demand hence, he has no choice than to proceed in the litigation.

Therefore, if truly you didn’t want APC to use this opportunity to truncate the victory of Osun people, it is advisable to plead to Dotun, settle with your brother and be able to give him all what he demanded and not your take it all syndrome that will later put you in regret sir.

As a Yoruba adage says, “Adaje ni hun mo”, Greediness kills”

I am Comrade Adekanmi Solomon Olalekan.
I write without fear because my survival didn’t depend on anyone in the Party.

Concerned Party Member Warns Dancing Senator,Reconcile With Babayemi Or You Regret It

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