City Lawyer, Kayode Ajulo Lives His Dream

City Lawyer, Kayode Ajulo Lives His Dream

Just like everyone, popular lawyer, Dr. Olukayode Abraham Ajulo, while growing up had how he would want his life to turn out in mind. But unlike everyone, Ajulo is lucky to see his dreams become a reality. Little Kayode back then in his father’s bookshop was exposed to top legal practitioners who used to patronise his dad. He was fascinated by their dressing and vowed to toe the legal line later in life, and today, according to his wish, he’s today not just a barrister at law but a respected one who has also become a source of inspiration and benevolent to many…Continue Reading

To say Ajulo —the 11th Mayegun Aare Ona Kakanfo— is living his dream won’t be far from the truth. He has continued to move up the ladder in his chosen career as a legal practitioner. Being diligent in his assignment saw Ajulo rise to becoming National Secretary of the Labour Party in the glorious days of the party.

Having attained the status of a national officer of a political party, whose influence and popularity is appreciable, he had been pressured to dump the wig and gown for the ballot, especially as it regards the governorship position of Ondo State, but he resisted the temptation and rededicated himself to the bar and bench. It was same spirit that was at work, when in the build-up to the recent APC special convention, among many that backed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to pick the ruling party’s presidential ticket, debonair Ajulo’s input and contributions were outstanding, as he deployed rare advocacy skill, uncommon intellectual sagacity, points of legality and financial resources within his means to project the VP to the admiration of all.

The cerebral lawyer is also having a great time as the Editor-in-Chief of Castle Law Journal, a prestigious law journal for scholarly and research in the field of Law. It is important to note that Ajulo possesses a spirit that harbours disdain for doing things in half measures but religiously holds on to the saying that, what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. That explains why he’s passionately committed and gives his all to whatever he sets out to do.

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