Chinese envoy advises Nigerian political parties on governance

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, Cui Jianchun, the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, has tasked Nigerian political parties on the need to stand united and build strong leadership to foster development.

Mr Cui spoke on Wednesday in Abuja, during a symposium organised by the embassy in collaboration with the Inter-Party Advisory Council of Nigeria (IPAC) themed “Building China-Nigeria Parties Consonance and Performing Nigeria-China Symphony”.

He said that the symposium, which brought Nigeria’s political parties together, was aimed at sharing the experience of China’s ruling party Communist Party of China (CPC) and its collaborations with other parties in the country.

Mr Cui said that the leadership and unity of political parties have a significant role in nation-building, hence the need to create a forum for Nigerian political parties to dialogue and work together.

“The first thing is about leadership. How can you lead the people, guide the people and get the support of the people? Chinese People support the Chinese government, the CPC.

“The second is about putting the people first. This is not only about the rhetoric. We have to let the people know what we have done.

“Political parties should be independent and not dominated by other power.

“Like China, I presented other parties, it is because of them the CPC got power so everybody should have a say, everybody should have a role to play,” Mr Cui said.

Speaking, Mohammed Nalado, the national chairman of the Accord Party, lauded China for bringing Nigerian political parties together to chart a course toward Nigeria’s development, adding that a lot has been learnt from the symposium.

“The political parties are supposed to come together. like I said earlier, I was a two-term Chairman of IPAC, and we have tried so many times to bring political parties together.

“So whichever political party is in power should work together with other political parties that are not in government so that they can synergies and do things, share ideas and see how they can move Nigeria forward.”

In her contribution, Beta Edu, national women leader of the All Progressives Congress, also commended the People’s Republic of China for the initiative, which will help strengthen Nigeria’s democracy and nation-building.


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