I did what I had to do because I can’t continue to watch my family suffer – A woman revealed

A 45 years old woman from Lagos State mysteriously explained how she uses money to clean her self at the beginning and end of every month to attract money.

The woman who was said to have made millions of naira through the spiritual means said she have tasted what she called real poverty after the death of her husband . According to the woman life was rosy when her husband who was a banker was alive, but after the death of her husband life became extremely difficult in all facets of human endeavors.

How to provide for the family rested on her alone and her husband family members only interested on sharing the money and properties of her husband. No one cares about the little children and she struggled all along to make both ends meet.

One fateful Sunday evening her husband friend who works in NNPC saw her going home with the children and he parked to picked them. The man asked about the welfare of the children and she use the opportunity to explained every thing in perspective.

He gave me a complimentary card and asked me to call him during weekend. I called him on the next Saturday and he requested for my account number. Few minutes later i received a credit alert of #75,000 . This was how i started petty trading just beside the house.

As I continue with the business. A big man drove to buy soap and honey from me and introduced me to Dr Edward Solution temple, phone+2348038023229. WhatsApp+234 812 802 2587. Address No 4 Edward Street Mgbidi along Amorko village Oru west,Imo state Nigeria. The big man called the Spiritualist and asked him to assist me. He gave me his number to call, but i didn’t take it serious until after a month.

I summoned courage and called the Spiritualist and explained myself to him. He couldn’t recognized me on time, but later realized my voice and blamed me for not calling on time. I booked appointment with him the following day and got to his place as early as possible. The Spiritualist asked me what i want and I replied him spiritual money. He gave me options and i decided to pick the one above. Having done that i came back home and use the money given to me by the Spiritualist to clean myself lst and last day of the month.

Within few months of the Spiritual excercise i experienced an over flow of money. Financial and material help was coming from different people which i used to established businesses across Lagos State. I am now financially independent and my children attend the best schools in Lagos State. Dr Edward opened my financial success story . In case you are financially bankrupt. I challenge you to get connected with Dr Edward for Spiritual money and you will give testimony at the end of the day


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