‘This Is Bullying’: Global Fans React To Barca’s Kounde Steal

'This Is Bullying': Global Fans React To Barca's Kounde Steal

Almost every neutral fan was waiting for the news about Jules Kounde’s Chelsea move – but then Barcelona were back with a bang. Again.

It is a joy to see fans of other big clubs react to Barca’s transfer business this summerContinue Reading


💭 “Barca signed Christensen from Chelsea, could sign Azpilicueta and Alonso from Chelsea, snatched Raphinha from Chelsea, made Lewandowski reject Chelsea and again, have snatched Jules Kounde from Chelsea. Glad they didn’t target any of Man Utd’s targets because this is bullying.”

💭 “Barca have nutted on Chelsea this transfer window.”

💭 “Kounde going to Barca then… What did I say. Barca have this way of doing what they like this window. Never seen a summer window like it.”

💭 [Chelsea fan]: “If we lost out, it’s our faults for delaying a decision. Guy was literally in London, personnel’s been agreed, targeting other centre-backs when we could have paid this Kounde price a month ago, would be on us Barca had no funds, were waiting on pulling levers. Poor if we lose out.”

💭 “I would really love a Chelsea vs Barca game in UCL knockout stages 😂😂”


💭 “The window has just been example after example of the insane pull Barca has as a club, good lord.”

💭 “A single bad thing happening to Barcelona will be celebrated like it’s Christ’s second coming by some Premier League fans. I don’t expect anything less.”

💭 “This one is solely the fault of Chelsea if Kounde joins Barca. They had entire last season and one month this season to close Kounde before even Barca entered the fray. They just Dilly dallied allowing Barca to come for him.”

💭 “Barca saw Tuchel’s comments [on Azpilicueta] last night and decided to go for the heart.”

💭 “Don’t think we’ll ever see a transfer between Barcelona and Chelsea again.”

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