Brilliant Little Girl With Sharp Brain Smashes Cowbell Mathematics Quiz, Scores All The 155 Points in Video

A girl who is clearly very brilliant has been seen in a viral video answering questions with speed at a Cowbell Mathematics competition
The young secondary school girl whose name is Faith attacked the questions as soon as they came getting all of them correctly
Internet users have reacted to the girl’s performance at the competition with many of them calling her a genius

A video capturing a secondary school Cowbell Mathematics competition has attracted the attention of internet users.

The video is trending because there is a particular girl named Faith who stole the show with her brilliant performance.
Brilliant girl called Faith performs wonders at Cowbell Mathematics competition.

She answers every question with confidence

Faith shocked everyone in the audience with her spectacular outing which saw her attacking each question with the speed of lightning.

The way she approached the questions with confidence, it was clear that she was well-prepared for the quiz.

Many times, she hardly waited for the question to come out before attacking it and smashing it correctly.
60 seconds of brilliance

The girl was to answer all the questions within 60 seconds. She scored all of them correctly and got 155 points.

Watch the video below:

Twitter users react

@kaintochukwu commented:

“Nigeria’s problem is Nigerians, if this was a white girl in Europe y’all would be hailing her as a genius. But because say na Nigerian you no believe say she fit run am. Nigerians are bodying the world at plenty of international competitions, you all don’t just appreciate your own.”

@yourOrakle said:

“I believe they where given questions to prepare from. She was only good to retain all what she has PRACTICED.”

@GoseboBig454 commented:

“I like that thing that she does with her hand when she’s getting her number. Much Love.”

@oyeahwalhey said:

“It seems these kids have come across the questions several times and it’s not on-the-spot calculations but about well they memorize and how fast they can recall.”

Brilliant boy smashes WAEC with great results

In a related story, reported that a young boy did very well in his WAEC examination, posting excellent results.

The boy who wants to study Computer Science at the University of Lagos scored A1 in Mathematics and 5 Bs in 5 other subjects.

He equally did well in his JAMB-UTME where he scored 300 points.



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