BREAKING: South-West Delegates Block VP Osinbajo From Meeting Delegates At Convention Ground

Delegates from the South West have chased Vice President Yemi Osinbajo from the convention ground on Tuesday evening.

The vice president arrived exactly 19:25 pm and started to greet the delegates when the delegates from the South West came together to block him from having any access to delegates.

They booed and called him unprintable names with some calling him “betrayer, enemy’” and assuring him that he would lose the primary election.

The crowd soon went wild calling Bola Tinubu’s name , beating drums and dancing.

Tinubu, who is APC national leader, is gunning for the party’s presidential ticket.

Osinbajo, who was a commissioner under the Tinubu administration in Lagos, is also an aspirant for the APC ticket.

The Vice President had attempted to walk the convention ground to greet delegates who were already seated but could not pass as the first set of delegates comprising mostly Lagos delegates left their seat to block his path.

Attempts to walk through to the Ogun State stand to greet the delegates were rebuffed, forcing his security details to usher the Vice President to the State Box.

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