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Bishop Oyedepo tells 300 Million church members to take their offertory home and give it to the needy

In the social media age, rarely do pastors trend for their positive deeds as the public are more interested in negative news which gives them the slightest chance to drag pastors.

Bishop Oyedepo do trend on social media when he preaches or make statements the woke social media people find bad.

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The pastor has done an exemplary deed in his church but since it isn’t negative, it’s yet to trend.

At every Sunday church service, the church ends it with a big offertory like every other church.

Bishop Oyedepo told the congression to keep the money for the offertory, take it home and bless someone who need it.

The founder of the Winners Chapel International announced to his church worldwide with about 300 million members to use the money they would’ve given as offertory to bless the poor and needy.

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