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The Biggest Burial Ceremony That Happened In Nigeria In 2021

It is December 2021 and looking back to the year, there are a lot of events that took place, like marriage and burial ceremonies. There is a burial ceremony that happened this year 2021, which gained the attention of everyone, such a burial ceremony has not been seen or heard for a long time.

Let us do a throwback of one of the biggest events that happened in 2021 which is none other than the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother.
The burial of Obi Cubana’s mother

Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana is a Nigerian entrepreneur and business who is the CEO of Obi Cubana group of companies. He is a decent, humble, and generous man who was raised under the roof of modest civil servant parents. He is married and is a father of four boys

When his mother died in November 2020, it took him more than 7 months to plan the burial, and when it was time to put his mother to rest, his obvious intention was to organize the mother of all burials. It was the kind of burial that even the living would envy the dead and wish to die. The burial was held in Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria

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The burial ceremony was held for complete one week and throughout that week it was the talk of the whole of Nigeria. Obi Cubana’s friends including bloggers made sure to keep everyone updated on what was going on in the burial. To many people, it was not just a celebration of life, but a celebration of money and wealth, this was because millions were spent by every individual that attended the burial. Dollars and naira were all sprayed in bundles as if they were bundles of papers

There were soldiers, bodyguards, and policemen who made sure that the burial ground was security tight. Money was sprayed every 7 days of the burial including on the streets, hundreds of cows were killed every 7 days in the burial( It was a lavish burial).

For his mother’s burial, Obi Cubana wore a diamond pendant that cost nothing less than 50 million. His mother’s casket which was imported cost about 40 million.

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Obi Cubana is humble and generous, he is someone who has helped a lot of his friends and family. He got 300 million naira as a contribution from his friends to bury his mother. He also received over 100 rams and 400 cows from his friends. These friends of his also came to his mother’s burial with bundles of naira and dollars to spray. All these just tell us how much his friends value, respect, and love him.

Nigerians following the event on social media, said that with the amount of money spent and sprayed on the burial, the Nigerian government should henceforth approach Obi Cubana for a loan. Others criticized the real source of the money and said that money that was worked hard for shouldn’t have been lavished in such away. In reply, many people said that because of how Obi Cubana has helped his friends in life, they decide to spray bundles on his mother’s burial as a form of appreciation.

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A lot of celebrates came to the burial, celebrates like Cubana chief priest, davido, Kanayo.O.Kanayo, E-Money, Jowizaza, Livy, Frodd, Alex Ekubo, and many others. Even people that were not invited also came to the burial, girls left school and their boyfriend to attend the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother.

Obi Has the right to bury his mother the way he did because she was the woman who gave birth to him. He might not visit that community again until he has another big celebration. Would it not have been better to build a hospital, school, foundation in memory of his mother? many people wonder.

Apart from the many cows, bundles of money that was sprayed, this burial featured and showed us the importance of family and true friends.

After reading the throwback of one of the biggest events that happened in 2021.

What do you think about the burial of Obi Cubana’s mother?

Kindly comment below.

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