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The Best Age For Women to Start Giving Birth

The age of a person has a serious role to play in child birth. Not all ages are appropriate for the birth of a child. In some cases, it is regarded as the person being too young to give birth and in some cases, it is regarded as the person to be too old to give birth.


In order to avoid such situation, this is why I have prepared this article to tell you the best age for women to start giving birth in order to avoid some of these cases.

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According to various studies, researchers have proven that the most appropriate age for women to give birth in order to avoid suffering from any of the two mentioned about is in her early 20s and latest 30s. Most studies believe that the appropriate age to give birth according to reswarcg is age 30.5.

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Here is one of the major reasons why this is recommended as the best age for women to start giving birth

According to studies, all women have about 2 million eggs, these eggs start to reduce over the years. At the age of 37, most women still have about 25,000 eggs left by the age of 51, the number of eggs in a woman could be around 1000 eggs.

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Although there are a lot of other things that may be attrubted to a woman not giving birth to a child or having issues giving birth which is not age such as.

1. Smoking

2. Taking in excess alcohol

3. Cancer


The age of 30 has been proven to be one of the best ages for pregnancy as a woman becomes mentally and psychologically strong to give birth to a child.

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