BBNAIJA S6:I am happy I was not there, it would have become my fight –Arin consoles Angel late in the night - OLAMORE
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BBNAIJA S6:I am happy I was not there, it would have become my fight –Arin consoles Angel late in the night

After the brawl Angel had with Sammie yesterday’s morning, she took a day off. She hardly stepped out of her room or interacted with others. Angel just laid on her bed throughout the whole day. Later at midnight, she came out to the garden to take a break when she started conversing with Arin.

While they smoked, they discussed the part of the brawl that pained Angel the most, and Arin was happy with her decision to take a break and cool off. Further into the discussion, Angel mentioned that she constantly has to prove herself to everyone she meets and she didn’t only dislike the slot shaming yesterday, but the laughter as well.

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Angel added, “not even the laughter from the men, but from the women. I don’t care what the men think, but you a woman, it’s crazy”. She mentioned that Sammie came to her later in the evening to apologize. “Usually I take apologies easily but, it didn’t mean anything. Because you’ve said what you wanted to say already and there are certain things you say that I know were prompted by anger, while there are things that some people say that I’ll be like, ‘is this what you think about me?’

Angel went further to give an instance with Boma’s words during their argument, “Am I your age mate?” She said this was prompted by anger and she didn’t have any deep issues with it.

“Even today when I was sitting here, he came to me and asked if I was planning on avoiding him, I didn’t say anything, because, yes! I’ll avoid you” –Angel said

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“Imagine making this situation about yourself, you are seeing this person who hasn’t spoken a word all day in this place we are in, where we are surrounded with nothing but strangers. You can’t see that they are hurting like crazy in their head. The audacity to make it about you, are you going to avoid me all day? If you were thinking straight you should have known that, now this is not all about you” –Arin put in.

“I can imagine how hurt you were by the laughter, I’m so happy and sad I wasn’t there because it would have become my fight. First of all, you are seeing a very negative encounter going on the first thing you do is to laugh. Like, are you complete up there? There are many dark souls amongst us don’t get it twisted” –Arin added

As the peacemaker in the house, Arin tried her best to advise Angel on what to do. But while they were still discussing, Cross interrupted and after a while, Angel stepped into the kitchen to clean up. What are your thoughts on this? Leave it in the comments box below.

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