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BBN: Hate Or Love Them, These 3 Housemates May Not Likely Be Evicted Anytime Soon Based On These Reasons

Big brother Naija reality show is obviously giving its viewers more than a mere show since the commencement of the programme about two weeks ago.

The housemates comprised of 23 of both sexes are gradually settling down one of after the other, for the real business of the programme.

Although, some of them are still struggling to understand the tune of the game and how they will go about the process of winning the 90million naira cash prize at the end of 72 days they are meant to spend in the house.

By Sunday when the live eviction show will be held, one housemate is bound to be evicted following the nomination of about six contestants for possible eviction on Monday.

However, there are some housemates who have made themselves the toast of the show and indispensable both for fans and the big brother organizers.

Those who understand big brother Naija very well will know that the organizers thrive better in the controversies created by the housemates. And so far, these three housemates have been able to achieve that in the house. This may likely keep them longer than any other contestants in Biggy’s house.

1. Whitemoney


The first day whitemoney entered the big brother house had been marked with controversy. He has always been displaying his openess without hiding a dint of his personality. When everybody was asked to introduce himself on the first day, whitemoney while expressing his surprise at the achievement of Yeren, he asked what he came to do in big brother house having gone that far in life with litany of achievements to boast of, at his young age.

Since then, whitemoney has refused to lie low. He is a hustler who seems to need the money more than anyone else in the house. He seems to understand the game and plays it according to the rule. He is one of the housemates who have attracted the supports of notable personalities in the entertainment industry.

One thing that singles him out in the house is his frankness and ability to inject aura of fun in Biggy’s house. He is seen as comedian in the house and that strategy seems to be working fine for him. No matter what happens on Sunday, whitemoney doesn’t look like someone who will be evicted from the house.

2. The second person that has the potential to go far in the show is Maria. Maria who is identified as one of the wildcard by big brother escaped being evicted as a result of failure of her colleagues to spot her out as a fake housemate.

Maria though highly controversial but she remains one of the housemates whose fans can never do without talking about. In the last one week, she had created several issues in the house that would make people ask if she was the only one in the house.

From being a spy, to a regular contestant, Maria has the tendency to go far in the show. She is not only using her beauty to play the game but also employs the instrumentality of her fiminine nature and deceptive moves to create confusion in Biggy’s house. And this is exactly what Big brother wants.

3. The third person on the list is Angel. If anybody must be evicted anytime soon, it can never be angel. Angel is more or less a cash-cow for big brother organizers. If you don’t want to watch the show, the sight of Angel in her usual seeing-through outfit that always reveals the sensitive part of her body will hold your attention and make you glue to the TV.

Apart from this, she is extremely controversial in nature and dealings. Hardly will a day pass without having an issue with one or two housemates. She doesn’t care about what people say.

All that seems matter to her is the strategy that will work for her. And from the first day she made her arrival at the house, she had employed her own strategy which she feels can get her through to the summit of the show.

Hate or love her, Angel is using what she has to play the game and this seems to be working for her and the big brother.

With these rare strategies adopted by these three housemates, it does not appear any of them will leave the house anytime soon.

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