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Why You Should Avoid Eating Dog Meat

Eating dog meat is pretty popular in Nigeria, and in other parts of the world such as China, Vietnam, Philippines, South Korea, etc. So yes! Dog meat is a common meat around the world. But to what extent is eating dog meat safe? In Nigeria, dog meat is as popular as chicken and goat meat in some traditions, and is sometimes given a slang name such as “404”. It is so common in Nigeria that it is even served in some local restaurants with Palm wine. What many people may not know is that Dog meat has some health effects, and should not be eaten all the time. For the purpose of this article, we are going to be looking at reasons why you should avoid eating dog meat.
Why You Should Avoid Eating Dog Meat

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a) Rabies:

Rabies is one of the most dreaded diseases out there. Unfortunately, dog is one of the biggest carriers of rabies, and eating dog meat too much, especially if it’s not prepared well will definitely lead to rabies. Every year, both humans and dogs die from rabies. Rabies can also easily be contracted during slaughtering and spread to other people. So if you are the type that eat dog meat, you have to ensure that it is well prepared, or totally avoid eating it.

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b) Causes Other Diseases And Infections:

Apart from rabies, there are many other diseases and infections that could be gotten from eating dog meat. Dogs carry a deadly parasite known as E.coli and Salmonella, which can cause serious Infections in the body. Cholera can also be easily transmitted through the slaughtering and eating of dog meat, according to research.

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c) Antibiotic Resistance:

Another reason why dogs should be avoided is antibiotic resistance. Sometimes, dogs in dirty dog farms easily get infections, and are given too much antibiotics to fight this infections. These act by some dog farmers have led to new types of infections that can now resist the antibiotics.TAP HERE TO READ MORE ARTICLES

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