Atiku: An Open Pharisee

Atiku: An Open Pharisee

In an interview last week, PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar made himself an open Pharisee when he said he did not like a Muslim in the north to be on the APC ticket.

Who is he to talk about fairness or balancing? If he wanted fairness, why did he rig a southern Christian out of the ticket out of ambition? But for a mockery of balancing, he would not be the PDP flag-bearer.

He rigged the system in his own favour and enlisted a southern quisling like Ifeanyi Okowa to rid a southern candidate like Wike. He is a stranger to principles, except to parrot dead-eyed ideas and hop like a whore from party to party…CONTINUE READING

He lied on television, saying he didn’t support Tinubu in their earlier incarnation in AC  because of Muslim-Muslim ticket. He thinks we have no memory that he envied Kingibe when he paired with Abiola.

Atiku lobbied in vain to be on a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Even his anaemic rebuttal of Tinubu’s onslaught ran shy of the topic. He didn’t get the slot from MKO. He should deny and let all those, including witnesses like reporters and politicians, expose his tendentious lies. The ghost of Shehu Yar’Adua, who nominated him will choke his night sleep.

He wanted to soar as a historian and intellectual but goofed big time. His interviewers could not correct him that Abraham Lincoln didn’t fail any bid for U.S. president. Atiku also showed himself a dubious public servant when he paired with Yar-Adua to set up a business when still a customs officer. He might have been fired if it can be done retroactively. So, he flunked his history, flunked morality test, tumbled to the ground in the world of ideas. And he wants to be president? He should ask Okowa how he secured his rubberstamp assembly to get him N270 billion loan without any reading or legislative scrutiny. What governor! What morons of an assembly! No due process. Nothing in the interview provoked anyone to deep thought or messianic hope about our country. Maybe he did not get the right questions, but he, for sure, did not give a good answer for Nigerians about jobs, power, peace and coexistence. He cannot even balance his party now with governors not willing to campaign for him. He cannot even walk to Wike’s door and expect the hoarse dramatist not to yell him out of the neighbourhood.

Atiku is still the old Atiku, without originality. He needs to intoxicate us with audacity. Rather, he sterilised the hour he was on air. He has done little in his biography to inspire. Even his interview did not redeem him.  The time will come in the coming weeks and months to dissect this man who is making himself a desperado without desiderata.

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