APC Delegates Urged To Vote Osibanjo Party’s Presidential Candidate

ABUJA – Delegates to the All Progressives Congress (APC) scheduled for Monday have been urged to throw their support behind the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo to emerge as the party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming 2023 general elections.

Osibanjo has been described as the “party’s only credible choice capable of winning the polls across the country.”

APC Chieftain and Convener of Northern Conscience for 2023 (NCf’2023), Dr Garus Gololo, told Daily Independent in Abuja, that the Vice President “is the party’s only choice to beat Atiku hands down in the north.”

He also said that the VP remains “the credible candidate that the party has at the moment, who is vocal and knowledgeable and has no case to answer whether at the EFCC or anywhere.”

Dr Gololo who spoke in Abuja stated that the party must be deliberate in assessing her electoral options, noting that other aspirants vying for the party’s ticket have “much baggage hanging on them, making them political liabilities that the APC cannot afford at this time.”

He alleged that former Lagos State governor and leading aspirant for the ticket, Bola Tinubu, “has discrepancies with his age. The one in public is different from that on his certificate. Moreover, contrary to his claims, new facts and even photographs are emerging showing that he was a taxi driver in the US who returned to Nigeria and suddenly became what he is today.

Amaechi on his part has outstanding litigations to contend with. So, we do not want someone who will be distracted with litigations and other avoidable things. Nigerians needs to move forward and we want someone who will hit the ground running with minimum distractions.”

On the issue of zoning the ticket to the Southeast, Gololo regretted the absence of “a saleable candidate in the party who can win the zone for it.”

He added that neither Dr Ogbonna Onu nor former Abia State governor, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has the requirements to win the region for the party.

“Did any of the two names deliver the state to the party at the last election; so, where you cannot deliver a state to the party, how can you claim to be there?

Is just like the Ondo State governor, Akeredolu, who was making noise that the Southwest should produce the next President. I don’t waste my time commenting on such type of people, who even though is a sitting governor; he could not even win his state. Your President is in the main party. You lost and you’re making noise that they should put this and that zone.

You don’t have any zone. Even if they zone it to the Southwest, can he deliver his zone? He couldn’t deliver his state in 2019. Therefore, he has no grounds to demand for zoning.”

He stressed that contrary to recent remarks by Bola Tinubu that he made Muhammadu Buhari the President, the national leader “didn’t make Buhari the President. When Buhari went to the CPC, what was his position? We emerged the second position. Had they not rigged the election, Buhari might have emerged the President.

For a new party to make such impression, that should tell you the influence of its candidate. Even in 2019, the impact of the votes he brought was very clear.

What was Ambode’s fault that made Tinubu to drop him for Sanwa Olu. That’s why we almost lost Lagos State but for the electoral crisis they created, we would’ve lost Lagos State.

It was only in Ogun and Osun that he was able to make impact. And votes from Zamfara alone are more than that of Osun.”

This is as the APC Chieftain dismissed those campaigning for the President of the Senate to be made the party’s consensus candidate for the president elections.

“Lawan doesn’t stand any chance. Some people interviewed me that since the PDP gave Atiku its ticket, the APC should also give Lawan her ticket because he is from the North. And I laughed. Not every northerner can deliver.

“Look at the PDP for instance. How many aspirants scored zero in the party’s just concluded primaries, four persons including Fayose that said Buhari is a photograph. At the end of the day he couldn’t even meet up. The APC has similar persons. And the real candidate is there also.

So, if there’s anything less than zero, that would be Lawan’s portion,” he insisted.

He queried those calling on President Buhari to chose Lawan as his successor, insisting that they are erring on the path of democracy.

“First thing first, Is the Presidency Buhari’s exclusive right? It is the north or the South,” he insisted.

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