about Nigeria and Nigerians. He sees nothing else except Nigeria. Though an Annang son from Akwa Ibom State, he is more Nigerian than Akwa Ibom.

I admire his sense of political judgements, when it has to do with his peoples’ interest and future.

Yesterday, the Uncommon Transformer, took another Uncommon Stepping down from the presidential race, after traversing the nooks and crannies of the country, in the last one month, selling his aspiration of wanting to be the next president of Nigeria in 2023.

Actions like this are not common, but Akpabio is one politician, who will go the extra mile to ensure a stable polity, in the overall interest of the nation.

One of his three point agenda while canvassing for votes from the delegates, was his determination to unite the country and that, he personally demonstrated yesterday, by ensuring that power returned to the South, so that the country continues to exist as one.

Some ill informed analysts and critics are already cooking up all manner of attacks against his action. They are blindly miffed that he decided to step down for a Yorubaman.

Akpabio stepped down for a westerner, in order to ensure that power is back to the South. He did not step down for a northerner and never declared his support for a northern candidate, as was done by others from the south.

Majority of his admirers and supporters across the nation are in support of his decision and would encourage him to do more for the unity of the nation.

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