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Actress, Ini Edo Finally Opens Up About Her SECRET Child

There are many things we know about Ini Edo – we know that she was once married and is now divorced. We know that she’s a phenomenal actress, and we know that she tries as much as possible to keep her private life private.

As per this last statement, there is still so much that we do not know about Ini Edo. One of those things is that as much as people, her fans most especially, have been wishing for her to have a child, she’s had a baby all along.

Below is the story Ini Edo posted to her social media that got everybody buzzing.

Who said the only way to have children is through biological means? Since 2015, Nollywood actress Ini Edo has been visiting and taking care of her “super sweet baby” named Prince who is now 7 years old and she took to Instagram to post this picture below.

Along with the picture, she posted a video and a caption which reads:

So 2015, I met my super sweet Baby,His name is Prince.. Fast forward to 2021 , Prince is now 7 years old.. alive and taking life a day at a time .amazingly , 6 years ago, he would cry so much until I carried him, And visiting him again in 2021 ,Prince cried the same way until I held him in my arms and he went quiet,calm and soothed .. That must definitely be the universe telling me something right 🤭.. Well I have always loved babies and babies have always loved me soooo why not if not….

This post is basically to appreciate big mummy Laja of the @heartsofgoldchildrenshospice .. For the unfaltering, unwavering love and care you continue to show these helpless kids… May you and your entire generation be blessed from now till eternity.Amen🙏

Guys, pls show them some love from time to time, it’s a wonder what God is doing for these kids through this foundation . Stay safe y’all . Love always 💕”

It’s wonderful to see Ini Edo taking care of this young boy and also bringing attention to children in orphanages and foster homes. There are so many children looking for the love and care of a family and while a lot of people hope and wish for children of their own, it is worthy of note to remember that there are children now that you and I can still help – even if not by adopting – but by at least visiting, providing for, helping. I like the fact that all those years ago, Prince wasn’t soothed until he was placed in Ini’s arms and now all these years later, it is still the case. That kind of bond is sometimes not even found between biological parents and their children.

Take care of a child. Lend a hand. Provide some help and love to a child a need. I promise you, it’s a wonderful thing to do and those children would appreciate it in more ways than you could ever imagine.

PDP, Atiku Congratulate Nigeria @61

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