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Here are the 6 signs that will make you think if someone uses you

If it’s always about the other person and never about you, it’s an indication that you’re being used. If you think you are in this situation and are not sure I invite you to read on and find out for yourself, although I sincerely hope you are not in this situation.
Here are the 6 signs that will make you think if someone uses you

1. The discussion is always about themselves

Do you ever feel that your troubles are less significant than the concerns of others? Or you don’t even get to talk about them, because immediately the person starts talking over themselves, about their own concerns? When all your attention is focused on the other person, it’s a sign that something is wrong. This is true for any type of relationship, whether it’s romantic, friendship or kinship. Maybe that person feels the need to talk to someone, maybe they like to be the centre of attention all the time, and with you they can do all of these things.

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2. He never says “Thank you”

Whether you’re taking someone close to you to the office, sitting with their child, helping their parents or doing their shopping, you expect your efforts to be recognised and receive appreciation. And that doesn’t mean you want something in return, just that you want to be thanked. If that person doesn’t express gratitude for the gestures you make for them, it’s a clear sign that they’re using you. You shouldn’t feel obligated to do anything in particular, especially if they don’t reciprocate.

3. They are only looking for you to ask for a favour

You shouldn’t be scared to ask someone for a favor every now and then, but if someone is continuously asking you for favors and isn’t willing to help you when you need it, you should be wary you need it, it’s another indication that they’re using you. When a person simply doesn’t enjoy your company and always has a purpose when they want to see you or talk to you, it’s a red flag that they’re just using you.

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4. You feel obliged to help them

Usually people who take advantage of others are also very good manipulators. Fear, responsibility, and guilt all play a role in manipulative behavior.

There are also two types of manipulators: the “abuser” and the “victim”. A bully manipulator makes you afraid by using threats and intimidation to control you. The victim manipulator instills a sense of guilt in their target. “The victim usually acts hurt”.

A person who is the target of a victim-blaming manipulator usually tries to help the manipulator to avoid feeling guilty. Targets of this form of manipulation frequently feel obligated to assist the “victim” by doing what is required of them to alleviate their misery.

5. You are put in front of the accomplished fact

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When a person uses you, they may assume that you are always available to do what they ask. So they don’t even ask you to help them with something, they just put you directly in front of the task. In fact, it forces you to accept, without giving you the chance to refuse. For example, a friend or relative who doesn’t call you to ask if you can spend a few hours with their child, but simply comes to the door, drops your child off and leaves.

6. You start to have negative feelings about them

If you’re always the one who has to make sacrifices, often devoting time and energy to a relationship, you’ll probably start to resent that person. It’s a natural reaction and an additional indicator that you’re being used. In a balanced relationship, where each person is equally invested, such feelings don’t arise.TAP HERE TO READ MORE ARTICLES

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