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6 Signs You Notice In Your Body If You Have Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is often referred to as a ‘Silent Killer’ as the majority of people do not feel any difference until the disease degenerated. While people get their blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels regularly checked, they do not get a simple creatinine test done in their blood, to help test if they have kidney problems.

Some of the symptoms of kidney disease include.

1. Trouble thinking clearly

Anemia associated with kidney failure shows that your brain is not receiving a sufficient amount of oxygen. This can cause memory issues or trouble with concentration.

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2. Swollen or puffy face

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Kidney disease makes your kidney organ ineffective in removing extra fluid, which accumulates in your body leading to swelling in your face.

3. Getting up during the night to make urine

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The kidneys are responsible for making urine, so when the kidneys are affected, the urine may change, this is because:

• You may pass out urine more often, or in high amounts than normal, with pale urine.

• You may feel pressure or experience difficulty passing out urine.

4. Upset stomach, nausea, vomiting

Too much accumulation of wastes in the blood (uremia) can lead to nausea and vomiting. Loss of appetite can cause weight loss.

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5. Fatigue

Healthy kidneys produce a hormone known as erythropoietin, which tells your body to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells. As the kidneys are affected by the disease, they make less erythropoietin. With fewer red blood cells to carry oxygen, your muscles and brain get easily tired.

6. Ammonia breath

Accumulation of too many wastes in the blood (uremia) can lead to bad breath.

Once you notice any of the above symptoms, ensure you visit your doctor immediately.

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