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5 Things A Woman Should Never Do For A Man No Matter What

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When you’re madly in love with someone, or when you’re insecure, it’s easy to put someone else’s wants and needs ahead of your own. However, if you don’t catch yourself in time, you risk losing a piece of yourself. Do not, under any circumstances, do the following five things for a man — or anybody else:

5 things a woman should never do for a man no matter what:
1. Change your appearance

Unless, for your own happiness, you want to. It’s not something you should stand for to let a man or anybody else tell you what you’should’ and’should not’ look like. Let no one tell you what your physique, hair, or face should look like as long as you’re satisfied with it and how it makes you feel.
2. Set aside your personal viewpoint

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You may be head over heels in love with someone, but that doesn’t mean you have to constantly lower your voice and ignore your own point of view in order for them to be heard. Both sides of an argument should be heard and acknowledged in a healthy partnership.
3. Be willing to make concessions in your personal relationships

So you’re in a committed relationship with someone you believe you can’t live without. Great. Is this, however, going to be the only relationship you need and want for the rest of your life? What about your friends, family, and other connections you’ve made throughout the years?

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Do you truly believe it’s worth it to give up everything just to keep this one relationship? While it’s critical to prioritize and know where you stand in your life, letting up of all other relationships because your partner doesn’t want you to have them can do more harm than good.

It is critical to maintain contact with those who love you other than your partner in order to grow and have a satisfying existence.
4. Give up your passion and interests

If you’re passionate about something, hold on to it, whether it means quitting a job you love or changing your appearance. It’s crucial to remember that you had set some ambitions and goals for yourself before meeting someone for whom you were willing to give up everything.

You’re still that person, and while it may seem like the proper thing to do at times to put those aspirations on hold for the time being, doing so will only leave you feeling regretful.
5. Make changes to your life plans

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You had planned out a life for yourself, one that you still desire. You want to get married, start a family, or do something completely different.

You met a guy who may or may not share your objectives. There’s no harm in compromising on some of the things you wanted before if you think it’s worth it and you’ll still be happy.

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