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Here Are 5 Foods Every Man Should Eat Constantly to Improve Their Fertility Naturally

Low sperm count is a primary reason of the increase in male infertility. However, specific foods can be considerably beneficial in helping men improve their sperm count. For a man to produce healthy sperms, there are important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the male body must absorb.

1. Dark green, leafy vegetables

Folate (also known as the food form of vitamin B9, or folic acid), which is found in abundance in spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts and asparagus, can help produce strong, healthy sperm.

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2. Horse gram

The calcium, phosphorus, iron and amino acids in Horse gram boost the sperm count. These minerals positively act on the male reproductive system, increasing blood flow to those organs, while the amino acids augment enzyme activity, which in turn assures optimal generation of sperms.

3. Bananas

The consumption of bananas can also be said to be very beneficial because it contains vitamins that increase the immunity of the sperm cell.

Bromelain is an enzyme in Banana. It helps regulate your sex hormones and increase the male libido. Banana’s also help in the production of sperm with its high vitamin and quantities of other nutrients.

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4. Garlic for higher motility:

Garlic can help increase the motility of the sperm. Allicin which is contained in high amount in Garlic helps the blood flow to the reproductive organs while selenium helps improve sperm motility.

5. Watermelon seeds

Here’s a seed that often gets spit out, and many times doesn’t even show up because the watermelon is seedless. But if you dry watermelon seeds, and even toast them, they can be a wonderful source of Zinc, as well as other good things for the body, like protein, magnesium, healthy fats, and a host of B Vitamins. This makes them a great snack to consider, since most of us are not in the habit of eating them.

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