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4 Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence



Many people suffer from a lack of confidence due to neither exercising the right mindset nor comprehending their strengths.

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This feeling of inadequacy can lead to negative situations in life such as procrastination and indecisiveness.

However, the good thing is that this trait can be developed with the right tools and continuous practice.

It might seem hard at first sight, but the process is very simplistic and easy to implement given that we’ve got the proper amount of perseverance.

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Now before we begin, I shall note that the first two tips are spiritual-based ones for lifting your self-confidence, and the final two are more practical and short-term oriented.
1. Thought Management

The first thing on the list is the regulation of your thinking process to increase your self-confidence.

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You become what you think about all day long.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whatever you feed your mind will become your reality; your thoughts will guide your decisions and actions and therefore bring forth the corresponding situations in your life.

If you are constantly thinking about failing, you fill your mind with negativity and hence procure these types of conditions in your life.

These thoughts are limiting your true potential and negate you from feeling confident in achieving anything you desire.

However, if you try loading your subconscious with positive thoughts, you will create the corresponding situations in life.

To do that, although it may seem very difficult at first, you need to continuously occupy your mind with optimistic affirmations on purpose.

Instead of thinking anything among the lines of “I won’t be able to complete that” or “This is almost impossible to achieve”, try engaging your mind with thoughts like “I will surely get past this” or “I will surely accomplish this”.

The positive vibes you will be instilling into your mind will make you feel happier and more confident about yourself and your abilities.

Moreover, by overwriting your old thinking pattern with this new line of thinking, you will begin making up situations in life that suit you best and get a push on your self-confidence for actually achieving your goals.
2. Don’t Believe in Defeat

This tip is overlapping in a sense with the aforementioned, but it’s very vital to consider.

Taking care of your thought patterns is a step that increases your self-confidence in the long term and needs a lot of practice to do so.

Furthermore, to replace your old thoughts with new ones and change the negative situations you encounter in your life, you also need faith.

Without having faith, neither you’ll be able to control your thoughts in continuity nor will they be powerful enough to change your mindset.

So to truly harness the power of your thoughts, try to believe in victory rather than in defeat. Try not to hesitate and undoubtedly believe in the positive outcome of any situation at hand.

Do it with no reservations whatsoever and even if the worst comes down, you will have the right attitude to not only counter it but prosper from it too.

Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow.

– Norman Vincent Peale

Every adversity in your life can be painful and hard to overcome, but it always carries within it the seed of an equivalent benefit to you.

Always try to look for that even at the darkest of hours, and you are sure to get incredible confidence growth when you both learn from it and use it to your advantage.
3. Become Mindful of Your Strengths

Coming to the more practical and quicker means to enhance your self-confidence, it’s essential first to perceive your personal assets.

Get a piece of paper beside you and a pen. Now on that paper, write down every exceptional characteristic you have that comes to your mind; it can be both a physiological and a psychological aspect of yourself. Try to focus more on the psychological ones though.

To make the procedure even more beneficial to you, give this list to a trustworthy friend and ask for their opinion about the things that you have written down.

By doing this, you will get a qualified assurance of your strengths and probably add points that you haven’t thought about or have forgotten.

Now what this process will provide you with is a realization of where your true strengths lie and a constant confidence boost.

Try to carry this piece of paper with you at all times. This way, whenever you feel uncomfortable or unsure, you can read it and remind yourself of your fortes.

If you happen to be in a situation where you can’t read, just hold that paper in your hand to refill yourself with courage.

This paper holds great power given that it possesses your whole repertoire of astounding characteristics. Feel that it’s indeed like this, and you’ll be able to provide confidence to your mind with ease.
4. ‘Hack’ Your Mind With Your Body Posture

The last practical measure to make yourself more confident is by managing your body posture and carriage.

Your body language is one of the most important features to look at to understand your current mood and rearrange your attitude. The same goes for figuring out others as well.

Firstly, learning about body language can show you when you become stressed or uncomfortable. With this, you will know what to change in a situation or alter your own opinion of it.

For example, say you cross your arms when you talk with someone.

This translates to you feeling unease with something. By realizing that, you will be able to discern whether it’s with something you thought about or something that the other person said that triggered it.

With this knowledge of yourself, you will be capable of handling every similar situation appropriately and confidently.

Secondly, by getting knowledgeable about your body language, you will have the means to change your mood with your body posture intentionally since your feelings and thoughts are translated to your body pose. So with the reverse process, you can modify your mood with your body postures.

To fill your mind with confidence, stand straight as much as you can, have open arms and hands, and maintain eye contact.

Additionally, in case you are standing up, try holding a position with your hands held behind your back or with your hands in your pocket and thumbs pointing out.

All these positions and gestures are usually used by confident and authoritative people. So by having these postures, you are making your subconscious think that you are confident at the moment and thus return to you, as a result, the appropriate sensation.

This is what it’s called a “mind hack”; by deliberately establishing your body stance you trick your mind into feeling what your body informs it.

Self-confidence might seem like an inborn trait that humans have, but it is something that we can all develop with the appropriate practice.

While there are surefire ways to make yourself seem more confident to you and others, it mainly comes down to creating the right mindset.

Everything in our lives is based upon the quality of our thoughts and with the appropriate control and guidance, we can cause life to give us what we desire.

Have faith in yourself first and foremost, and you are sure to become the most confident person on earth.

This article was originally published on Medium at Harrys Stratigakis

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