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3 Ways To Avoid Ritualists After A Man Bought Human Head For N60,000

A 55 year old Islamic cleric was paraded by the Ondo State Police command, he was arrested for being in possession of a fresh human head. The man who is identified as Tunde Olayiwola was arrested at Ajagbale area of Oka, in Ondo State. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Mr Tunde revealed that he bought the human head for the sum of N60,000, he bought the head for the purpose of money ritual. During an interview with Mr Tunde, he said that he hails from Osogbo, Osun State.

Mr Tunde explained that the human head was sent to him in his home, it was delivered by a Man he had met at a social function on a Thursday morning.

Mr Tunde was at the point of starting the ritual when the Police Arrested him. He explained that he wanted to make his life better, that was why he ordered for the human head. He said it was his first time of doing such a thing and he only wanted a better life.

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The Ondo state Police Commissioner identified as Oyeyemi Oyediran explained how the arrest was made. He revealed that they got an information that Mr Tunde was about to get a consignment, that was the reason they moved immediately to his home.

The commissioner revealed that Mr Tunde was caught with the human head, and he also confessed the reason for being with the human head was because he wanted wealth.

Below are a few ways you can save your self from ritualist and organ Traffickers;

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1. Avoid free car lifts

Majority of individuals that ended up with ritualists were gotten from free lifts. Most times when you stand on the road and a strange car stops and offers a lift, majority of those people are kidnappers.

Be careful of the kind of people you trust to give you a free lift, this is mostly directed to the ladies on the streets. Alot of predators move about with fancy cars looking for their Victims.

2. Watch out for people asking for directions

This is one of the most common ways kidnappers and ritualists get their victims. They work on people’s vulnerability and use it to their advantage, they know that people are always ready to help out with directions.

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Avoid giving directions to just anybody, make sure to survey your environment properly before you give out directions to anybody. Avoid following a stranger just because you want to give them the right direction.

3. Avoid meeting strangers from the internet

This is another popular way ritualists get their Victims, they make friends with people on the internet and set up a meeting with them. Alot of girls and boys have been unlucky to meet up with ritualists on the internet.

Avoid traveling to meet a stranger from the internet, if you must meet let it be in a public place.

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