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3 Reasons why Bobrisky choose to be a crossdresser

Idris Olarenwaju is one of the most influential Nigerian celebrity on social media. He became popular after starting his career as a crossdresser.

In Nigeria today cross-dressing is not a widely accepted way of life. However, Bobrisky and a few others have decided to go against all odds to become crossdressers.

The self-acclaimed male Barbie is proud and happy of his decisions to dress and behave like a woman.

Bobrisky took to her Instagram handle on December 2020 to disclose that a certain doctor Philip from Colombia will be performing a gender transition surgery on him and the surgery will cost a whopping sum of $300,000.

Bobrisky photo as a man and a woman

However, Bobrisky have his reasons for becoming a crossdresser. In this article I will be showing 3 of those reasons.

1. Financial Difficulty:

Bobrisky disclosed that he became a crossdresser because of the financial problems he was facing. In a post on his Instagram handle he said that he regretted spending almost 25years as a man, as he has nothing to show for it. Although he was a graduate of accounting from University of Lagos he was still not able to breakthrough financially. When he saw how his female friends where making it big, he decided to become a woman.

A year after going into cross-dressing, he started making money this made him pursue a career in cross-dressing. And it is safe to say that he is doing well for himself being a crossdresser. He said after becoming a crossdresser he started getting Endorsement deals.

2. When he was growing up he has some female features in him. Having female features as a child made him to always desire to become a woman as a child. This also contributed in his decision to become a crossdresser.

3. Bobrisky took to social media to reveal that he choose to become a woman because men are born to hustle hard and suffer to get money, then they end up spending the money on women. So he prefer to be a woman and be at the receiving end than to be a man and be the one giving out.

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