2023: Vote Candidates Who Have Integrity,Official MCCasino Advises Youths

The political landscape in Nigeria will change in few months time and with the youths accounting for the majority of voters, popular online comedian, Lawrence Osarenkhoe, better known as OfficialMCCasino, is speaking to the consciousness of the youths ahead of the exercise.

OffcialMCCasino was one of the Nigerian celebrities who spoke in solidarity with the youths during the 2020 #EndSARS protests, during which the demonstrators demanded police reform, job opportunities, social equality, amenities, and so on.

Almost two years after the monumental protests, most of the demands by the youths remained unmet by the federal government. There have seen been campaigns urging the youths to participate more in the electoral process, in order to determine those who rule them.

OffcialMCCasino, who spoke recently, urged the youths to endure the rigorous process of registering and obtaining their Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) ahead of the election, saying it is the only way they can achieve the desired change.

The skit maker and compere noted that youths have a significant role to play in next year’s general election, stating that they should not vote along ethnic lines, but cast their ballot for candidates who have integrity.

“The role I think the youths can play in restructuring Nigeria. First, let everybody get their PVC. Secondly, let’s not vote with sentiments, let’s not sacrifice integrity on the altar of sentiments, let’s not sacrifice our antecedent on the altar of ethnicity”,
OfficialMCCasino stated in a recent interview.

“What I’m saying is, if somebody is a Yoruba or Benin and he is contesting for the president of this country, and I know he lacks the leadership ability to lead us a people, we should not support that person because he is from our linguistic bracket.

“Let’s look for a candidate that has the capacity and the masses should stop collecting money from politicians, because when they get into office, the first thing they’ll do is to collect the money back. All the money they gave you, are going to collect them back, they are not fools now”, said OfficialMCCasino

The Edo-born comedian was a student union activist as an undergraduate at the University of Benin, where he studied Agriculture and majored in Fisheries.

He disclosed that he used his time in the institution’s Student Union Government to better the lives of students.

“I find out in my life that I have this follow-come activism spirit in me. I want to speak for others, I don’t like oppression, I hate when people are being opposed, when there by an individual or institution, so i found out that the only way I can legitimately fight for the rights of other people, fight for the oppressed is to be part of the student unionism and by the grace of God, after my tenure, I was given an award as the best executive for that year, that was 2010/2011 academic session. Our achievements are there, and we left some granite-cast legacies there,” OffcialMCCasino stated.

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