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2023 ELECTION:Buhari Replied Tinubu After He Reportedly Told Him About His Alleged Bid To Run For President

The leader of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu is yet to publicly declare his intension to run as president in 2023, as many Nigerians are expecting him to do so or not.

According to Babatunde Fashola, the Minister of Works and Housing, Tinubu may do so this January. However, indication suggest that Tinubu had reportedly told President Muhammadu Buhari about his reported presidential ambition in 2023. Tinubu would have felt it was appropriate to tell Buhari ahead of others since the President is his friend and political associate who could be of help to him.

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Buhari’s reply to Tinubu

The President reportedly told Tinubu to go ahead. This his simple reply. Although, go ahead is not negative, but it did not reveal or explain much as far as politics and the issue of endorsement is concerned.

From the above response, it is clear that Buhari did not commit to back Tinubu or not to back him. His response is simply neutral. Tinubu or anybody cannot hold Buhari by his word that he pledged to back him or oppose his presidential ambition. It means that he could work his way out to see if he would succeeds or not.

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This development may be better understood if Buhari’s earlier stance on the issue of 2023 Presidency is considered again. It would be recalled that Buhari had openly said that he has no preferred candidate to succeed him. In fact, he was categorical about saying that he does not care about who succeeds him as President. With that, he tried to disentangle himself from the politics of who emerges the APC presidential candidate and the controversy that may trail it.

While some people may think that Buhari would back Tinubu

on the issue, it appears that the President is very determined not to meddle into the issue of who becomes the next President in line with his word. However, it is left to be seen how Buhari will truly be indifferent and play aloof on this key issue of who succeeds ahead of 2023. Many Governors and Presidents usually work hard to produce their successors for political reasons. If Buhari would change the narrative in Nigeria, that will be good. But, there time will tell if Buhari will be true to his word as 2023 politics dominate many discuss in Nigeria.

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