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2023 Election;Akanbi Gives Reason Why Tinubu Should Not Remain A Kingmaker.

Come election 2023, prominent Oyo State politician, Senator Adesoji Akanbi has given reason why Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu should not remain a Kingmaker.

Senator Adesoji Akanbi who is also the Vice Chairman of South West Agenda popularly known as SWAGA 23 told news men in Ibadan that:

“It will be wrong for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to remain a Kingmaker in 2023 because first and foremost, he has the fundamental right to contest. He is a multi-dimensional human being which makes him unique as he readily relates with the high and mighty and yet can condescend so low as to relate with the man on the street and mixes well with artisans and at the same time interacts well with elites too.

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“At this time in the country, Asiwaju knows and believes that the unity of Nigeria is important. He also believes in equity and justice and he readily stands for an indivisible Nigeria. Asiwaju will keep the country unified along the path of justice. And that is why he should not remain a kingmaker.”

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Akanbi seized the opportunity to thank SWAGA the Southwest agenda, for creating a platform to activate Asiwaju for Presidency 2023.

“Some of us came together to choose SWAGA, because we knew that after President Buhari’s tenure will come to an end in 2023, power should move to the Southern part of the country. And we thank God that SWAGA did not disappoint. As it is now obvious that the nation needs Asiwaju to lead. Definitely, Tinubu is not a perfect human being, but his merit is far more than his demerits.

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Akanbi re called that a similar thing happened to the famous British Politician Winston Churchill, when a time came and he was called upon to lead the nation, which he eventually did.

“So, it will not be right for Tinubu to remain a Kingmaker in 2023, no, it will not be right,” He added.

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