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2023 Election: Why Alleged Plan By Buhari to Support Jonathan May Anger South West

Just when many Nigerians thought that the rumour of Goodluck Jonathan presidential bid on the platform of the All Progressives Congress has been overtaken by events, the report has suddenly re-emerged and this time around, with some clarity.

Just a few days ago, The Nation broke the news that Jonathan had met with South-South leaders coordinating his alleged presidential bid in 2023. The meeting was held on December 27 at Ardolf Hotels and Spar in Bayelsa State.

And more Recently in SaharaReporters, there is an update that President Muhammadu Buhari has allegedly ignored the rumoured presidential ambition of Bola Tinubu and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and he is now fully in support of Jonathan’s political ambition and may have endorsed him to become president in 2023 on the platform of the APC.

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This recent development is already generating lots of reactions online. This report will look at some of the major implications of Buhari’s rumoured support for Jonathan and why it may anger the South-West APC clique
Why Jonathan’s ambition may anger the South-West caucus in APC

Since 2013 when APC was conceived, the South West caucus led by Bola Tinubu already had an eye on the presidency. So from day one, the region had set its political goal- the presidency in 2023. That was the whole idea of the power rotation agreement by the APC leaders. It was based on this, that Buhari emerged president in 2015, so naturally, the next APC president is supposed to come from the South, specifically the South-West.

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Therefore, any attempt by President Buhari to impose Jonathan on the party may trigger an immediate protestation from the South-West caucus and other stakeholders within the party.

This will mean that Buhari and other power brokers in APC have failed to comply with the spirit of the power-sharing arrangement that was agreed to by APC leaders.

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One of the immediate implications of this is that it might result in a total breakdown of trust among APC leaders. The South-West may no longer see their Northern colleagues as comrades. This might lead to a break-up as the South West might seek an alternative platform to pursue her presidential ambition.

Another implication of this decision is that without the South West, APC might not be able to retain the presidency.

And a post-Buhari APC, without the presidency will most likely become a weak party as a result of an absence of political cohesion. This may result in a gale of defection that may undermine the party’s chance to bounce back.

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