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12 Signs You Will See When Someone Pretends to Love You

Signs Of Fake Love:

When there say to exist fake love, it means that the purported love shown by a person to another is not a genuine one. A saying goes that love is never fake, rather, human beings makes it fake. Fake love is all about games, hidden feelings and motives. Love is one phenomenon which every living person desires to feel.

Signs someone is pretending to love you

While love is selfless, kind, patient, humble, respectful and not envious, fake love does directly the opposite. Ascertaining who genuinely loves you and who fakes the love is a big time emotional game. If you seek to identify the fake lovers surrounding you, here are the tips to watch out for. These apply to any kind of relationship.CLICK TO READ MORE NEWS

1. Fake Love is Material Benefit Inclined: This is a clear sign of fake love. A fake lover is primarily interested in what material benefit to gain from you. Meanwhile, the person comes with little or nothing for the table. Even when they come with something for the table, it is usually an enticing material for something greater in return. The person is always on a demand towards you.

Signs of fake love from boyfriend

A person who genuinely loves someone would rather wish to preserve the person’s material wealth than he would wish to expend it lavishly. This is because true love is kind and considerate. If all a person cares about is the material benefit to gain from your own side, you should consider it a sign of fake love. They would usually come by way of sycophancy, showering you with excessive praise and approval. Same applies in love relationships if your partner only becomes nice and romantic when in need of a material benefit from you.

2. Love has Crystal Clarity while Fake Love has Illusion: This means that love is completely clear and well understood. When someone genuinely loves you, there is no mixture of uncertainties as to whether love really exists. You could perceive love from all angles of the persons’ actions towards you. Since love is a feeling, you can only feel it when it is genuine. Your spirit feels at home with the person.

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How to know a person does not love you

This is the feeling of genuine, acceptance and comfort. On the other hand, fake love is filled with illusion. Illusion implies anything that seems to be something that it is not. When you are being shown fake love, you could feel the state of mistrust; the state of being deceived or misled. There are uncertainties lingering in your mind as to the person’s motive and position in your life.

Your mind keeps asking what exactly the person wants. Fake love has in itself illusions. It is a co-mixture of love coupled with the identifiable elements of its ingenuity and fakeness.

3. Fake Love will always Maintain beautiful First Impression: Fake love could be unintentional or intentional. When it is unintentional, is may have arisen from complicated and unsettled feelings towards another. When it is intentional, then it is a malicious one. This occurs when a person knows that he or she has ill feeling against you and yet pretends to love you. When the fake love is intentional, the person would go a long way to make it look genuine.

True love vs fake love

Of course they know how best to do this because they already know what love wants. They would usually start from their first impression. Their first impression can never be wrong or saucy. It would always be angelic. This does not mean that a genuine lover wouldn’t give you a good first impression, rather it simply suggest that thou shall not be carried away by a good first impression. It is a technique known and employable by fake lovers.

4. Sycophancy: This is simply flattery. Sycophancy is generally not something bad. It is a measure of excessive praise which is often insincere and sometimes contrived to win favour. There is a thin line between sycophancy and compliment. Showering compliments when necessary seems to be genuine and not excessive, but sycophancy?

Signs of fake love from a guy

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It is usually employed to gain favour from someone. It can have in it both elements of genuiness and fakeness. If somebody is a habitual sycophant, and the person’s end point is always to obtain one favour or the other, this could be a sign of fake love.

5. Fake Love is Selfish: In your dealings with people, if they squarely consider their interest without giving a thought about your own interest, this is a clear sign of fake love. Fake lovers d not care about you.

6. While True Love accepts You First, Fake Love tries to change you first:To love is to have accepted. Better put; acceptance is a prerequisite to love. When someone loves you, he loves you for who you are. Love goes beyond physical substance. While true love accepts you first, fake love seeks to change you first.

Signs of a fake relationship

It does not matter to fake love how this end is achieved. Fake love cares not about your emotions or perceptions. Your perceptions are disgusting to it. You just have to change at all cost. While genuine love is accommodating, fake love is not, rather it sees you as a threat.

7. Fake Love is Jealous: Jealousy is the envious and resentful feeling towards someone for a perceived advantage or success. Jealousy is a clear sign of fake love. A person who claims to love you ought to celebrate your success with you as opposed to exhibiting jealousy.

8. Fake love can be smart: You still wonder how you end up buying fake stuff which you never contemplated in place of the original which you intended to buy? Fakeness is smart. They pose as though they are original. The looks are the same with that of the originals.

The only different is in the nature of their substance. When someone genuinely loves you, there is never a need to be playing smart towards you. No smart moves; no cover ups. They are sincere to you. Fake love does exactly the opposite.

9. Fake Love is Pretentious: One thing about pretence is that is does not stand the test of time. Fake lovers will always pretend to be what they are not in order to entice you. Pretence is a deliberate deception. A person who genuinely loves you will do no such thing.

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10. A Fake Lover Isn’t Proud to Identify with You:A fake lover avoids you in the eyes of the public. The person does not want the public to establish a link between you both. Yet he wants or gets something from you.

What does he do? He fakes things in order to get to you. Meanwhile, he makes conscious effort not to identify you with family and friends. Yet, the person professes love for you. My dear, it is fake.

11. Fake Love is Reserved: A fake lover has not come to disclose his or her identity or motive to you. Watch closely, the person is always struggling to withhold something. He is cautious in personal behaviour. He is scrupulous with regard to telling you the truth.

12. Fake Love Picks Offense Easily: Love is enduring. A person who truly loves you will tolerate you and your mistakes. A fake lover would rather resent you for your mistakes. He would dwell on your past mistakes as though he had consciously been looking for such opportunity to lay blames on you. Fake love isn’t patient


Fake love has no cause to exist at all in the very first place, but for the fact that people are all that people have, and for the fact that people could use people at some point, fake love necessitated. Fake love is usually accompanied by a motive, especially if it is an intentional fake love. Everybody deserves and desires to be loved, but unfortunately, here we are being cautious in order to get the love in its originality. Anybody can be a fake lover to another. But the best part of this seems to be this; let’s all be humane. When we learn to be humanly towards others, the quality of genuine love would become an integral part of us.


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