This 10-Year Old Housemaid Severely Punished, Private Part Damaged, What Was Done To Him Will Make You Cringe - OLAMORE
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This 10-Year Old Housemaid Severely Punished, Private Part Damaged, What Was Done To Him Will Make You Cringe

When it comes to abuse, housemaids face the worse kinds of brutality in Nigeria and sadly, only a few of them get justice.

This must have been the confidence of the boss of 10-year-old Nneoma Nnadi who decided to ram a six-inch nail into his skull. Mrs Ifeoma Ozougwu, the boss of Nneoma allegedly inserted ground red pepper into Nneoma’s private part.

In a bid to hide her evil act from her neighbour, Ifeoma went ahead to lock him inside one of the toilets in her residence.

According to the reports that were gathered, it wasn’t the first time that Ifeoma would maltreat the young boy. In fact, it was stated that she had burned Nneoma’s body with pressing iron severally,

Reports said that whenever she was done inflicting pain on him like that, Ifeoma would lock him up inside the toilet.

Ifeoma’s neighbours said they had reported severally but, since he was being locked in the toilet, every time the police came and searched the whole house, they wouldn’t see the boy. Those times, even when the police ask where the 10-year-old is, she would say he had gone to visit relatives.

Curious neighbours eventually tried to find out where she was always keeping the girl and that was when they realized that the girl was constantly locked inside their toilet and starved of food.

This last time, she had rammed a nail inside her skull and also put pepper in her private part and the neighbours alerted the police again telling them this time that she was being hidden in the toilet.

The police came in search of her and found the girl inside the toilet. The girl was rescued and was taken to the hospital where she was under treatment at the intensive care unit of the hospital.

At the hospital, said;

 “I was in my office when the Police brought the girl to our Emergency Unit in the company of the lady with her three kids.

“Our office was like a market in Enugu. People were cursing the lady, crying, telling the Police to bring out the woman. So, the Police seeing the crowd drove away to the station with the woman. The girl was admitted.

Personally, I couldn’t hold myself. I called the wife of the Assistant Commissioner of Police in my chapter, who hurriedly rushed to our office, saw the girl and cried out her eyes, called the husband and told her. Do you know that the girl wanted to urinate, but she could not because they poured ground pepper inside her private part? I couldn’t hold my tears because of the type of excruciating pains this girl was passing through. I have never seen this kind of wickedness in my life. I feel so, so bad about the whole thing”

Thankfully, the girl was rescued before it got worse than it was. Sadly, not abused child gets the opportunity to escape such brutality.

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